Discover the Beauty Within & Personal Path Conversations

Astrology Readings (conducted via Zoom link or Uber Conference) are approximately 60 Minutes and include a Recording
Astrology or Numerology (including natal, current influences and life lessons)
Analysis and Consultation 50-60 Minute appointment $175
For combined reading (Numerology & Astrology) $225
Note: Discounts apply for Debra Silverman Applied Astrology Students
Astrology Chart Rectification (when Birth Time is unknown)
A multi-step collaborative process to determine
Ascendant (Rising Sign)
Rectification and Astrology Readings Package $250
Note: Discounts apply for Debra Silverman Applied Astrology Students
Chiron Astrology Reading with Written Report Pkg
Vulnerabilities, gifts, wounding & healing
Includes Written report delivered electronically
Written Astrological Reports ONLY
Chiron (the “key” healing potential from wounding) $50
Natal Chart & Life $50
Synastry (Chart Comparisons between two people) $75
delivered electronically
Astrology or Numerology Relationship comparison reports (Synastry)
For 2 people $275
For both Numerology & Astrology $325
For additional charts (i.e. family – per chart) $125
Perfect Gift for Newborn: Child or Baby Birth Chart for Parents
Astrological Chart and Written report –
as close as you’ll get to an “instruction” guide for your child!
Includes Numerology “What’s in the name” and Natal Astrology Charts Report will be delivered Electronically
Astrology Tutoring
For Debra Silverman Applied Astrology student
50 Minutes
Oracle Card Consultation or Invision Process
30 Minute Appointment $75
60 Minute Appointment $125
Important life question or decisions?

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