I feel you are a 💕gifted HEALER and so inspiring.

ER, Germany

I just want to say I absolutely learned so much from your class. Thank you so much ! Even more so because you provide such a nurturing space

VA, California

I just rewatched my astrology session. You were so spot on. Wow, you are awesome. You gave me so much information and it was all spot on. I wanted to thank you because I’m sure it took you a while to go through it all and I am very thankful you did.

–D.S., Arizona

I just wanted to thank you for that great class last night. You really are a special person. I feel very fortunate to have been matched with you as my mentor. I am consumed in Astrology these days, watching videos and reading articles. It’s so fascinating and comforting. I hope to be helpful and I feel your helpful spirit too. My Thanks are Endless.

–M.P., Oregon

I went to bed last night with a light heart, feeling the release of the burdens I have been carrying.  I felt deeply connected, calm, and with a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long time, or perhaps never.   I woke up with a feeling of excitement for what is to come, fully in the moment of this being a new day with new creations.  I feel like I’m peaking around the door to look, shyly and smiling, and then pop back to my place with a sense of wonder and excitement, only to peak around the corner again!    I feel good.  I feel lighter.  I am grateful.

–A.W., Vermont

Sharon Lair, you changed my life! I am a totally different person now! I have learned to love myself and recognize that I am pretty awesome! Your encouragement and knowledge nudged me gently along my path… I couldn’t have done it without you!!! Did I mention that I lost 3 dress sizes in the process? You helped me discover things about myself that needed attention and repair in order for me to push along in becoming my best self.   Our coaching sessions were the highlight of my week and it was such a wonderful experience to wake up every morning knowing I was transforming into a stronger, more confident, happier human being! Words cannot begin to thank you for your part in this process, the support you have given me will never be forgotten! You ROCK!!!

–J.H., Virginia (Heart Dynamix)

Oh my goodness, this was so above and beyond, I am overwhelmed!    I really, really appreciate it.  What struck me was how good you are at interpreting things.  This was the first ah-ha moment I’ve had!    XO

–M.H., New York

WOW!!! I am LIVING differently! All these accomplishments came along with how I feel about myself! I have NEVER liked me… now I have learned that I can LOVE me! I always put everyone else’s needs before my own because I could feel their disappointment, now I know it’s ok to take care of myself. I am no longer invisible, nor do I want to be!!! I am pretty awesome! I couldn’t have done this without Sharon Lair and Colette Baron-Reid. You ladies saved my LIFE!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

–J.H., Virginia

Thank you so much for the time and wisdom you gave to me every week. I learned so much from you & have found more peace in my life because of you! I treasure you and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch.

–H.C., California

No matter where you are in life, or which obstacles may be in your path, Sharon can help you find your way and tap into your wisdom